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Web Outage
Dear Miller Bay Estates friends,
I apologize for the web outage yesterday, and I'll own it and do my best to ensure it never happens again on my watch. Please see the note below that I wrote yesterday, ironic!
. . . . . . .Webmaster Robert

Our Web Site is Moving to a New Host
Friends at Miller Bay Estates,
Due to 'quality of service' issues, we are transferring the Miller Bay Estates web domain, account and website to a new host. Our planning leads us to believe we won't experience any downtime!    

Mail Theft Reported
One of our homeowners reported their outgoing mail was stolen from their mailbox on Tuesday evening (11/12). They reported it to the police who advised that mailbox thieves are looking for outgoing mail with checks, holiday gift cards, cash or personal information.

A further suggestion, don't put outgoing mail in the mailbox the night before pick up, and you may consider getting a post office box. Please continue to report thefts no matter how small or insignificant you think they are. Keep vehicles locked up at night
01/28/20 The Editor
Mailings: MBE will continue to send out dues statements monthly but most all other correspondence will be located on the MBE website and in the new information box located at the clubhouse.  This will save thousands of dollars on postage and materials.


Here are few reasons why volunteering would be great for you and our community.
1.    To protect your property values and maintain a quality of life you expect in your community
2.    To be socials, meet your neighbors and make friends
3.    To get educated on the many facets of running a community association such as the many laws and
       regulation, maintenance and repair and understanding financials.
4.    To advance your career and build your personal resume by including your leadership experience and community volunteer service.

If interested in becoming a board member, attend the HOA meeting on 07 Sept 2019 or email in the subject line type "Becoming a Board Member"

All documents such as the CC&R's, By-Laws, MBE Calendar are on the Miller Bay Estates Website and are printable.     Financials are always available upon request by contacting the board at or Katherine Klint, email: , Phone: 360-930-0868.

As a reminder if you or your children are walking your pet (specifically dogs) it is your (their) responsibility to pick up your animals waste. All animals shall be leashed.                                                             

For animal control issues such as barking dogs, uncontrolled animals etc… Visit

Good Neighbor Program, if you are having issues with your neighbor try to talk to them first if it cannot be resolved, contact your HOA Board President at or leave a detailed message at 360-297-2100 but once again if you have issues, concerns or comments at any time please contact via email or phone

2019 Board Election Proxies will be available via the website at or in the information box at the clubhouse .

As we continue to strive for improvements, the board still needs your volunteer help in the community.
MBE Annual Homeowners Meeting & Board Elections will be held on Saturday 07 Sept 2019 at 4:00 pm at the clubhouse. Refreshments will be available.

When you become a board member, meetings are held quarterly to discuss and update any issues that may arise if not answered via email. 
Dear Residents,

Please send me an email containing your nameemail address, home address and phone number.

The purpose of this request will enable me to do the following:
1) Update and verify existing homeowner contact records.
2) Perform group emails eliminating the cost of expensive postal mailings.
3) Efficiently contact residents during unforeseen emergencies affecting
    Miller Bay Estates.
4) Research the possibility of future electronic HOA and resident meetings.   

Your information is confidential, and will not be shared with anyone.    
PSE's replacement of the power line from Harborview down Beachwood hill to Indianola Road appears to have prevented outages throughout the snow and high winds to date. Thanks PSE!!
HOA Yearly Dues
2020 HOA dues are now 200.00 per year, and statements will start arriving in the mail this week, payment is due on 30 April.

If you need to make payment arrangements please contact Katherine Klint, 360-930-0868

If you have questions regading HOA dues please email Tracy Darlene Harris, HOA President at:
Subject: 2020 Homeowners Association Fees  Increase

Dear Miller Bay Estates Owners & Residents

Our HOA has not increased homeowner dues for the past 13 years.  During my term as President, I have been successful at keeping dues at $160.00 ($13.33 per month).

We are increasing 2020 dues to $200.00 per year ($16.67 per month) to cover the  increasing cost of facility maintenance and unplanned expenses. Surprise expenses like the 2019 vandalism caused repair of the swimming pool bathrooms.

Some of our budgeted costs for 2020 are:
Mandatory repair of pool gate as required by Kitsap County
Replacement of the old bathroom shower inserts and the showerhead.
Drywall repair of the bathrooms.
Purchasing clubhouse bike racks.
Replacement of the clubhouse kitchen flooring.
Improvement of beach access on Seacrest Avenue to minimize liability.
Community Clean-up to include a dump day at the clubhouse.
Extra cleanup of downed limbs in common area and Beachwood Avenue.
Clubhouse parking lot re-graveling.
I will be happy to meet with you and discuss our budget issues at any time or and you may send questions or comments to me at

Dear Homeowner,

"Thank You" for all your support during the past year.  The HOA Board welcomes the opportunity to assist you and your family to make MBE a better place to live.  We make decisions based on the needs of the community, and provide the future foundation that will keep our community thriving.

Thanks to our current board members go to: Caroline James (Treasurer/Pool), Bob Lund (Web Master),  Carol Atkinson (Clubhouse) & Katherine Klint (West Sound Accounting)
2019 Board Election Proxies will be available via the website at and are printable, or in the information box at the clubhouse .

A homeowners association fee (HOA) is an amount of money that must be paid by lot owners.   The HOA collects these fees to assist with maintaining and improving properties in the association.   HOA fees cover the costs of maintaining the community clubhouse, landscaping, swimming pool & bathrooms, some common utilities, such as water/sewer fees and garbage disposal, maintenance of financial books, website, required insurance and to maintain a reserve account just to name a few.

Thank you so much for your continuing support Tracy Darlene Harris, MBE HOA President

MBE By-Laws ARTICLE VIII: Dues and Assessments

           Section 1.  For purpose of financing the activities of the corporation, it is hereby declared that all the lots within the jurisdiction of the corporation shall charged and/or assessed dues at the rate of $100.00  per lot per year, with the exception that any lots retained in ownership by the developers of the property, as hereinabove set out , and as being within the jurisdiction of the corporation, shall not be assessed until such time as the developers shall perfect a sale thereof, which ordinary annual dues  and/or charges shall be the member's dues, fixed by the affirmative vote of the majority the members of the Board of Directors for each year after the initial year at a meeting of the Board of Directors & held immediately following the annual meeting of the members. The dues may be changed by affirmative vote of a majority of the Board at any special or annual meeting .

           Section 2. The annual dues shall be due and payable January 1st of each and every year;  in the event any sale is made by the developers of the subject property subsequent  to January 1st of any year then the annual dues shall be prorated on a monthly basis commencing at the first of the month following date of sale. Thereafter, dues shall be on an annual basis as above provided.

           Section 3. Any  dues herein set forth and/or authorized shall be and become a lien upon the property of the membership if not paid when due, provided that said lien shall be inferior to wit mortgage liens heretofore existing or hereafter placed upon any lot or lots.
MILLER BAY YACHT & BEACH CLUB, Corporate Seal, Washington, 1983
Posted 02/23/20
MBE Beach Access

Dear Friends

Someone has placed a stair casing down to the beach area waterftont. The stairs are still quite dangerous and I encourage all to not use this access until our upgrades are completed.

We are working with Kitsap County to resolve this issue and we will not be adding in a dock as requested. It's not within our budget and many approvals would be needed including the Tribe.

We are getting a bid to re-secure the wooden rails, add a handrail on the left side, placing a wooden fence along the grass area. Plus adding a better walking surface using gravel to prevent slipping.

As a reminder, MBE Common Areas belong to the HOA and any changes made there must be approved by the board.

If you have questions or comments please email me at:

Thank you  - Tracy Darlene Harris  - HOA President
Posted 03/04/20


Tracy has contacted Kitsap County regarding the potholes on Beachwood. They have agreed to inspect and repair them. As yet there is no schedule for completion.
Beachwood Pothole repair
Posted 03/13/20
Dear Residents,

Due to the serious nature of the Corona COVID-19  virus, the Clubhouse and Pool are closed until further notice. Please check in with your elderly neighbors to see if anyone needs anything. If so please email me at

Thank you, Tracy Darlene Harris

Corona COVID-19  virus and our clubhouse
Updated 04/24/20 Posted 03/13/20

Yesterday around 8:30 AM my neighbor texted me having noticed a red truck with 2 male occupants in front of their house behaving strangely. While the driver waited the passenger ran out of view up Beachwood hill returning shortly with a propane tank in hand, tossed it in the truck and they sped off.

The victim homeowner called the police. They determined the propane tank had been taken from his camper. The officers took a report and left, only to return in no time with the propane tank.

These are becomming the most difficult times seen in recent history.
Now is the time to be vigilant and secure your property, homes,
and vehicles.

Thank you Kitsap County Sheriff Deputy

Theft in Miller Bay Estates in Broad Daylight with Witnesses
Posted 03/19/20
We are aware of these rumors. At this time, there are no known cases of Corona Virus COVID-19 in Miller Bay Estates. There are unknown numbers of seniors, others, or health comprised individuals who will remain sequestered at home for an extended period of time.
There are rumors of COVID-19 infected individuals in Miller Bay Estates
Posted 03/21/20
Our clubhouse exterior has been cleaned and  pressure washed, and the clubhouse grounds have been tidied up and a some landscaping completed.
Posted 04/04/20 for Tracy Harris by the Editor
Messages: 360-297-2100

Clubhouse and grounds update
I hope that everyone is staying safe and our families are all well. And by the way, I'm usually home and can be contacted at  - Tracy Darlene Harris

Beach Property
-Work will start soon to install railings and secure the stairs for residents safety.

Clubhouse Updates 
-Flooring for the Kitchen, Bathroom, Loft and Main Area has been installed,
-Plumbing issues will be addressed
-I was a little embarrassed about the condition of the kitchen floor under the stove and fridge. We will look into devices to put under     the fridge and stove to facilitate easy moving for cleaning purposes
Another Vandlism - Someone egged the Clubhouse
-I spent several hours scraping and washing off the  edd debris and was not happy.
Swimming Pool
-Our Pool is closed until further notice.

Community Cleanup Project
-Community Cleanup is postponed until further notice.

Power Washing
-The Clubhouse and Basketball court have been power washed, addition of somenew plants, gravel, sand etc. has been completed

Wagg Tree Service
-Removed the dangerous trees around the cluhbhouse and playground area.  They also trees trees in the greenbelt that were in dangerof failing on 2 residents homes that needed to be addressed during the last winter storm.

Heritage Park Access
-Investigating alternatives for Heritage Park access from Miller Bay Estates properties.

Community Garden
-We're researching the possibility of a Community Garden, and looking at issues with the Greenbelt areas

-We have contaced a Lawyer to help us address the possibility of correcting our CC&R's

Moving Forward

Miller Bay Estates Beach Access Project Completed

Thanks to Tracy's planning and expediting skills plus two hard working fellows, our acceass and safety improvement project is nearly complete Miller Bay Estates beach area has begun. We ask that until completed we do not disturb the construction crew.

This activity will provide a railing, proper access to the beach, and a safer access to the area in general. This project is in response to a request from members of our community.
New Clubhouse floors (Other clubhouse repair photos soon)
Many needed repairs have been made to the clubhouse in the past few weeks, and more to come!
NEWS 05/19/20
Decomposing Lumber and Drainage Issues Repaired the Clubhouse
Many needed repairs have been made to the clubhouse in the past few weeks, and more to come! PHOTOS

Furniture Dumped in the vicinity of our clubhouse
We're reviewing security footage to see if the individual(s) dumping furniture in Miller Bay Estates can be identified. Our cost to remove and dispose of a couch is $100+.

If you have an idea who this might be, please contact the Homeowners Association
Messages: 360-297-2100
Update 06/02/20 Another couch was dumped on Miller Bay Estates property!
The $200 removal cost has been paid from our homeowners' funds. 

These acts of dumping display a complete disrespect and disregard for the residents of Miller Bay Estates, and is a shame!
Another dumping!
Clubhouse & Pool
Will remain closed until further notice, awaiting word from State and Kitsap County authorities approval to to reopen.

Pothole Repairs
The Covid-19 virus has affected the county's ability to be as responsive as in past years. We requested the repairs in March and have been advised that Miller Bay Estates is in the queue for this activity.
Now Our Clubhouse shines in a Fresh Coat of Paint
Thank you Tracy for your stewardship of our clubhouse and getting things done. When the sun is out the clubhouse is a jewel, helping to raise the value of our homes!  Have a look at the steps taken to arrive at the refreshed condition !here

Miller Bay Estates Fireworks Message

Since there are no public fireworks displays this year, Kitsap County is allowing legal fireworks. Here are some thoughts and rules!

- Fireworks can be set off on Saturday — July 4 — from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. in unincorporated Kitsap County.

- Fireworks purchased on tribal lands must be discharged on tribal lands, and the possession and use of fireworks off tribal lands are illegal.

- Miller Bay Estates is not part of tribal lands and belongs to Kitsap County.

-To reduce the impact of non-emergency 911 calls in Kitsap County, those who aren’t reporting immediate threats to life or property may call 360-307-5811 between 8 a.m. on Wednesday through 5 a.m. on Monday

- I know that fireworks are a part of our history in celebration, but we must be mindful of the potential fire danger in our neighborhoods caused by fireworks.

- When fireworks are discharged please ensure that the area is safe, clear of brush and flammables. Personally, I will be watching fireworks on TV while staying safe due to COVID-19.

Have a wonderful, safe Fourth of July - Tracy Darlene Harris

Posted 07/01/20
This HAS got to stop!
AGAIN, Someone has dumped furniture in our neighborhood along Beachwood Avenue . This time mattresses, a couch, grill and trash! Arrangements for removal will have to be made this following Monday, after the weekend holiday. It is expensive to have the transportation company remove and dispose of this junk. We pay this cost out of homeowner dues!

Do you reconize anything in the photo, and know who it belongs to?

- - - - REWARD - - - -
We are offering a cash reward to the individual who provides the identification
of the offender (s). A photo, video, license number taken while the event was happening would helpful.

Please Contact Tracy
Messages: 360-297-2100


New Poolhouse Roof
Our poolhouse sustained vandalism and damage several years ago when unknown individuals climbed up on the roof to fill the plumbing system vent with rocks and sticks! The plumbing system eventually failed in 2019 requiring Jackhammering the bathroom concrete floor and wall to remove the debris. Our recent inspection determined the roof required replacement.    07/10/20   PHOTOS

Posted 07/11/2020

Dealing with Abandoned Vehicle's in Miller Bay Estates
We are only allowed to authorize the towing of an
abandoned vehicle in Miller Bay Estates if it
is left on common property such as the
clubhouse area. 

Click here to review the requirements and fill out the form
Annual Meeting Proxy for Sept 2020
If you didn't receive your Annual Meeting Proxy form for September 2020, click here. More information relating to the meeting will be released here on our web soon.

September 12th at 3:00
Board Elections and Budget Approval Annual Meeting
"Zoom instructions"

HEADS UP available "Drive Thru Flu Shots"
I've been looking for such a service in Kitsap County for over a month, UNTIL TODAY!

Virginia Mason Bainbridge Island has days and times when you can be scheduled for your Flu shot without getting out of your car. No waiting room, no injection in a small space with questionable air filtration.

Please schedule a drive thru/drive up flu shot appointment by calling (888) 862-2737

Note from Robert, the Editor
Second Request
By providing your email address you can effect our yearly expenses by eliminating mailing costs of $800 to $1,200.

Beginning in 2021 Home Owner statements will be mailed electronically as much as possible.

Please Email Katherine Klint at West Sound Accounting,
Provide your name, Miller Bay Estates address, mailing address if different, phone number, and email address (See example below)

Miller Bay Estates
22125 Sunridge Way
Poulsbo, WA 98370
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 554, Kingston, WA 98346

Posted 11/21/20
There have been many inquires about placing a guard rail on Beachwood and Harborview (coming up the hill). We contacted the County and requested a guardrail and the request was denied. See below for the reasons.

However, the County will be installing a large double arrow sign at Harbor View Drive to help drivers at that intersection. The estimated installment date is January  29th.

Here are a few reasons the request to install a guard rail was denied:
The curve goes to the inside and vehicles rarely leave the roadway on a curve to the inside. Most runoffs are toward the outside of a curve or on a straight-away.
In the last 5 years we haven’t had a report of a vehicle go off the road in that segment. I’m not sure if we’ve ever had a vehicle run off the road there.
This is a known area for pedestrians to use for getting to the bus stop at Indianola Rd, and other areas. The County have a concern of pedestrians being “trapped” between vehicles and a potential guardrail with no escape route in case of a wayward vehicle.
Thank You to Ron Pierce, Traffic Investigator, Kitsap County Public Works for his immediate response in addressing this issue in MBE
Beachwood / Harborview Guard Rail