Meeting Minutes
Miller Bay Estates Homeowners Association Meeting
22 October 2009

Next Meeting:  10 December 2009

President:            Tracy Darlene Harris           
Vice President:    Lee Murphy
Secretary:            Vacant                                  
Treasurer:            Heather Snelson

Board Members at Large:
Barbra Haskell
John Hagenbrock
Bonnie Huff
Caroline James
Dan McAfee
Tim Satrom
Ron Toon
Jesse James

Reid Management Property
Patty Bufford

Call to Order @ 6:05 pm

Secretary Report
Minutes: Dated 12 Sept 09, Motion to approve the minutes (One question was raised by Dan McAfee about some wording of the minutes what was sent via email to all board members.  Some wording was changed and email was to all board members prior to this meeting and no objections or concerns were raised). The review of minutes was conducted and minutes approved.

Correspondence:  None  at this time submitted to MBE

Dan McAfee step down as Secretary on 08 Oct 2009, the Board is looking for someone to fill the Secretary Position

Financial Report
Operating Cash: $29,975.00
Maintenance Checking: $77,745.00
Old Business
Pool:  2 Bids: Master Pools & Swimming Hole for upgrading the pool and a bid from Viking Fence, at the time the cost for upgrading and fencing on the high side is approx 30,000.00.  Since the pool does have an undocumented leak from years past it has been recommended to have the pool leak tested,  the cost of the test is $800.00 in which the board voted to perform by Master Pools.   Master pools recommended the leak test to be performed in the spring.  If there is no significant damage and within reason of the approx cost then all repairs can be made to bring the pool up to code in about 30 days and Master pools will give a credit of 800.00.  Currently a secure pool cover will be purchased by Four Seasons in order to comply with the Health Department.  More information about the pool will come in the Spring timeframe

1. Country Home Cleaners contract of $300.00 per month has been terminated; cleaning of the clubhouse will be done by volunteers.                                                       
2. Upgrades to the clubhouse are in motion. Roof and Gutters have been treated and cleaned.  Volunteers will keep an help keep the gutter area clean above the front tree.
3. Windows were repaired
4. Tables have been purchased and received, 20 Chairs will be labeled and added (Delivery 23 Oct)
5. New Couches and Tables will be delivered on Nov 17th.
6. Loft railing will replaced for safety purposes, adding a counter top and cabinets in the kitchen area and painting inside of the clubhouse will start Nov 21st - 24th.  The Clubhouse will reopen 25 Nov with a Thanksgiving Potluck (More information to come)
7. Taking a look at putting safety screen in the loft area.

Patty has put in a call to County and Fire Department to inspect the loft area.  The questions to be answered: Can we change to stairs to a different location to accommodate more room for the pool area if the Board does keep the pool. OR Do we need to have stairs up in the loft area.  (Currently the outdoor stairs are not safe)
Games will be purchased for the clubhouse and will be available for checkout for a reserved reservation and for future game nights events  at the clubhouse                                             

1. Beachwood Hill: Clipping was left for mulching by the County.  The county will return late Nov/Dec to trim for the winter and return in the spring
2. Email: We will try to get more and more on the email listing to save on postage, this will also provide the residents more up to minute information on community happenings

New Business
1. MBE Website: Currently working on the MBE website
2. Guest Speaker Rebecca Pirtle (District 1 Liaison Kitsap County Commissioners)                                                                            
3. Heritage Park Trails:
**Currently the entry by the water tower is being used by hikers and motorbikes.  Motorbikes are not authorized on and in around the Heritage Park area. Ms Pirtle will see if we can get a speaker from the county to talk about Heritage Park.  More information is available at

**The trail from Miller Bay Estates does originate behind the water towers.  Although the PUD has said they would entertain an entrance there as a last resort there's another problem: the path from the water towers crosses White Horse property as it heads west into the park.  We'll need an easement with Bob Sreen or the eventual White Horse owner if we want to use that route.  Hopes are still open for some other MBE property owner cooperating with an easement directly into the park.  (More information will the forth coming)
** Tracy Harris received an email and call concerning information about the Boundary Review Board. Ms Pirtle spoke a little bit about the review

Boundary Review Board
The Boundary Review Board for Kitsap County has sent a notice to various agencies in north Kitsap of a hearing to consider creating a Metropolitan Park District for the Village Green Foundation that could become a taxing authority.  They want to build a Kingston Community Center and Library. The review period ends Nov 9, 2009. Ms Pirtle. will assist in getting more information.

Community Calendar               
Nov 25 (Thanksgiving Potluck 6-8 pm)
Nov 27 (Family Pizza & Games 6-8 pm)
Dec 10th (HOA Meeting @ 7 pm) tentative
Dec 19th (Holiday Party with Santa 1-4pm
Dec 23rd  (Hot Dogs & Game Nite 6-9)
Note: Candy at the Clubhouse Oct 31st  6-8pm
Next Meeting:  10 December 2009

To the Good of the Association  & Questions by the attending Homeowners

Can we get a safety gate for the stairs?  The board will take a look at getting a removable safety gate.  Tracy stated that itís a Parents responsibility to monitor child using the stairs, but the board will do everything possible to make the clubhouse safe for usage.

Can we get rid of the ugly pool table? Yes the intent is to purchase a new pool table hopefully soon, will see if anyone would want the old table.

Can we get Pots, Pans, Utensils etc.. for the clubhouse so that I donít have to transport everything from my home?  The board will ask the community for donations.

Meeting adjourned: 7pm  (Socializing  & Refreshment)

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The MBE Executive Board meeting was conducted on 12 December at 6:00pm

To receive a copy of the budget, please email the request to:

Be sure to include the following Information in the email;
The September 2011 minutes page is missing, and we are looking for a replacement
09/21/15 Bob
Miller Bay Estates Homeowners Association Meeting
11 Sept 2016

Attendees: Tracy Harris (Chair), Caroline James (Treasurer) Carol Atkinson (Clubhouse & Pool). Katherine Klint (West Sound Accounting).Bob Lund (Web Master), Jessie James (Board Member)

Resident Attendance Total: 15

I.    Call to Order @ 4:00 P.M.
II.    Secretary Report:3 letters were sent to homeowners
III.    Minutes: Posted on Website
IV.    Financial Report: 
a.    Financials are provided on request.                                                                                                 
V.    Old Business
a.    Pool:  Will closed on 06 Sept for the 2016 Pool Season and is winterized.
b.    Speed Bumps:  Still no update from Kitsap County Public Works on pending letters, Tracy has sent a follow-up email 2 times..
c.    Window Cleaning: Katherine Klint will call a window cleaning service for the clubhouse windows
d.    Purchases for 2017:  Pool Heater has been placed on order due to upcoming increase of cost.
e.    Beach Property: Alder trees and a few maples and blackberry bushes were cut down and trimmed.
f.    Clubhouse: Pavers were installed around the clubhouse to keep the bark in the beds and to have a level space for the trash and recycle containers
g.    Reservations:  Are now being taken for 2017.

VI.    New Business
a.    Resident Concerns: Appearance of yards, junk cars, non-working vehicles, recreation vehicles, disbanding the HOA and changing the date and time of annual meeting (Proposed date is 2nd Saturday in Sept at 3pm)(Currently, Tracy and Katherine have been talking to an Attorney about updating the CC&R's more information will be forthcoming).
b.    Board Election results: President: Tracy Darlene Harris                         Vice President: Vacant                                        Secretary: Vacant                                        Treasurer: Caroline James
c.    Board Members: Jesse James and Honorary Board Member: Carol Atkinson
VII.    Community Calendar                
a.    Annual Budget Meeting: Oct 19th at 6:30
b.    Annual Holiday Potluck: Dec Date TBD

VIII.    Next Meeting:  Budget: 19 Oct 2016.

IX.    To the Good of the Association:

a.    Thank you to the following for another successful board year: Caroline (Treasurer) and Jesse James (Board Member), Carol Atkinson (Clubhouse and Pool), Bob Lund (Web Master), Paul Wiser (Lawn Care & Maintenance) & Katherine Klint (West Sound Accounting)

Meeting adjourned: 5:00pm

Board / Contacts

Miller Bay Estates Homeowners Association Meeting
21 Aug 2019

Attendees: Tracy Harris (Chair), Caroline James (Treasurer/Pool) Carol Atkinson (Clubhouse), Bob Lund (Webmaster) & Katherine Klint (West Sound Accounting)

Resident Attendance Total: 7

I. Call to Order @ 6:30 P.M.

II. Secretary Report: 2 letters were sent to homeowners

III. Minutes: Posted on Website

IV. Financial Report:
a. Financials are provided on request.

V. Old Business
a. Pool: Concrete deck reoplacment has been completed. We still have an issue with Kitsap County Health Department on certification of the deck in which the Oleís Pool and Spa is addressing, but we had all the property permits and the residents are enjoying the new deck. (Action Tracy Harris)

b. Pool Pumphouse: The chemical feeder received an upgrade

c. Pool Bathrooms: The bathrooms were clogged with stick that apparently was put in our drainage system from the top of the pump house. Thank you to Collins Plumbing and Bill Blair Plumng. A resident has volunterred to place a vent cover to prevent future incidents. The cost of the fix was $4000.00

d. Junk Cars, Campers: MBE is currently seeking counsel on how to address the issues with updating the CC&Rís.

e. CC&Rís: The board is continuing to look at updating the CC&Rís that meet the needs of MBE. Our CC&Rís have not been updated since the 70ís.

VI. New Business
a. Pool: Pool will close on 05 Sept 2019, if the weather is good the Board will take in consideration of keeping it open another week. We still have a few repairs schedule that need to be completed and working with Oles Pool and Spa for the fixes.

b. Community Complaints: There have been complaints about encroachments on MBE Greenbelt property, dogs, chicken and residents trash piles building up . All issues are being addressed.

Note:On 8/23/19, I contacted Kitsap County Community Develepment and Kitsap Humane Society and they noted that chickens are considered livestock and not birds. More information will be forthcoming.

c. Clubhouse Cleaning: We may need to hire a cleaner for the clubhouse for deep cleaning due to the high demand usage of the clubhouse (Action: Tracy Harris)

d. Beach Access: The beach access is closed due to safety of our residents. The steps are unsteady and there is a an approx. 3 foot drop with a latter to the access the water. Tracy will investigate the cost to fixed the issue or close the access.

e. Liens: Liens will be filed in Oct for any homeowner who owe dues more than $500.00. (Action: Katherine Klint)

f. Clubhouse Couches: Couches will need to be replaced due to wear and tear. (Action: Tracy Harris)

VII. Community Calendar

a. Annual HOA Meeting: 07 Sept, Time: 4:00 PM

VIII. Next Meeting: Annual Board Election/Meeting 07 Sept @ 4:00 pm, Refreshments will be available.

Meeting adjourned: 8:00 pm

Note: The June 19, 2019 meeting was scheduled to be held but no residents were present. The board (Harris, James & Lund) just had a general discussion about the pool and the beach area access.
Miller Bay Estates Homeowners Association Meeting
07 September 2019

Tracy Harris (Chair),
Caroline James (Treasurer)
Bob Lund (Web Master)
Carol Atkinson (Clubhouse/Board Member)
Katherine Klint (West Sound Accounting)Excused Absence

Resident Attendance Total: 12

I.   Call to Order @ 4:00 P.M.

II.  Secretary Report: Nothing to report

III. Minutes: Posted on Website

IV. Financial Report:
a. Financials are provided on request.

V.  Old Business
a.  Pool: Closed for the season but winterizing will take place on 08 Oct. Some concrete will need to be
                 completed at well

b.  Year in Review 2018-2019: Was discussed. See below

c.  Volunteers: MBE seeks volunteers for urgent needs such as a quick repair, trash pick etc..

d. Community E-mail Listing: MBE will do business electronically expect for the sending of Annual HOA statements, late notices etc.. Furture meeting will be posted on the reader board and website. This will save the HOA thousands of dollars in mailing and postage.

e. New Couches: Clubhouse couches will be replaced (Action: Tracy)

f.  Bike Rack: Will purchase 2 bike racks for the clubhouse and BB Court Area (Action: Tracy)

g.  Beach Access: Still investigating options for the beach access

VI.New Business - Board Elections results:
    President: Tracy Darlene Harris Vice President:
    Vice President:David Wallace
    Secretary: Jacquie Welker
    Treasurer: Caroline James

b. Board Members:
      Bonnie Hiff,
     Arron Kallio

c. Honorary Board Members:
     Carol Atkinson & Bob Lund

VII. Community Calendar
     a. Board Member Budget Meeting 16 Oct at 6:30 pm
     b. HOA Meeting: 20 Nov at 6:30 pm
     c. Annual Holiday Potluck: Dec 21st, 12-3 pm