Board Elections
Tracy Harris was recently elected President of the Miller Bay Estates Home Owners Association. Here is what she has to say about the challenge of the job.

"Hello Miller Bay Homeowners/Residents,
I'm honored to be your HOA President and I’m committed to keep you informed about all the happenings in MBE.

My personal vision of Miller Bay Estates is to develop and encourage new activities that promote community unity within our community while maintaining the architectural integrity, maintenance, and value of our homes and community property.

The Association will continue to keep
“Working toward a Safe & Vibrant Community”.

Create and foster excellence in community,
environment and quality of life.
Committed to Excellence through:
Volunteer Leadership
Clarity & Consistency
Proactive communication
Service to residents of Miller Bay Estates
Providing a safe and secure living environment 

Yes it’s been a while since our community has had a Newsletter, but rest assured that I’m committed to keeping you informed about the happenings in and around our Community. Thank you to all the board members who have volunteered their time in keeping our community a safe and vibrant place to live. All members on the board are resident volunteers and we are looking for more residents to become involved or volunteer for a board position. (Donated time is usually less than 2 hours a month).  If you have any concerns/problems/comments please email me at: All email will be answered daily".

Tracy D. Harris

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